Pediatric Care at Lotus Hospitals

Dr. V.S.V. Prasad is the most sought-after pediatrician in the country and has a legacy of setting up hospitals that provide global standard medical care for children. Our team of pediatricians, specialists and caring staff provide the best of emergency, intensive and preventative care for children from birth through teenage.
We know that when it comes to the health of your child, there are no compromises. We are on the same page as you.

Pioneers in Emergency & Intensive Care

The legacy of Lotus Hospitals is that of Dr. V.S.V. Prasad and one that precedes Lotus Hospitals itself. Having studied medicine and completed his residency in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (A.I.I.M.S) in 1991, Dr. Prasad further specialised in the US and UK to acquire his Fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care & Neonatology. After 7 years of training he then returned to India to set up a pediatric care hospital of global standards. He helped set up and founded a few children’s hospitals in Hyderabad before setting up Lotus Hospitals in 2006 with the mission to provide quality healthcare that was accessible to all.

General Healthcare Services

General Pediatrics
Pediatric Neurology
Pediatric Neuro Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy
Pediatric Dentistry
Pediatric Nutrition & Dietetics
ENT Services

Specialized Services & Minimally Invasive Surgery

Critical Care Services ( Neonatology, Pediatric Intensive Care & Emergency )
Pediatric Surgery
Pediatric Anesthesiology
Emergency Orthopedic Surgery
Neurology & Neurosurgery
Pediatric Dental Surgery

Pediatric Urology
Pediatric ENT Surgery
Pediatric GI Tract & Intestinal Surgery
Plastic Surgery

Our Healthcare Packages for Children

We have established global standards of Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units that help with prompt diagnosis, appropriate treatment and quick recovery of your child. Regularly undergoing General Health check-ups ensure a healthy and happy childhood.

Consult with our doctors

Consult with our doctors