First Trimester Safety Tips: How to Protect Yourself and Your Baby

First Trimester Safety Tips: How to Protect Yourself and Your Baby

First Trimester Safety Tips: How to Protect Yourself and Your Baby

“Congratulations, you are pregnant,” is one of the most beautiful words to hear from the doctor or after seeing the magical lines on the pregnancy test. But, it is very important to start taking care of the health as it can affect both the mother and the child. 

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. The first trimester is up to the first three months or 13 weeks of the pregnancy. Depending on healthcare and individual factors, the first trimester may involve certain risk factors when counting the age of the pregnancy from the last period date.

The baby’s major body parts start to form in this trimester, so any uncontrolled medical conditions, a wrong dietary plan or lifestyle choices can lead to miscarriages and abortions. The first trimester is also not that risky because the normal pregnancy in this period doesn’t require intense care or specific medications unless there is a complication.

Maintaining modern exercises, doing daily chores and having sex cannot affect or harm the pregnancy during the first trimester. 

Must Do’s & Don’ts in the First Trimester

Below are the must Do’s and Don’ts of First Trimester


  • Visit the doctor: Visit the gynecologist to enquire about the medical history (record of any chronic medical condition), family medical history (any genetic disorder in the family) and gynecological history (past pregnancies and menstrual history), order a few blood tests and confirm the pregnancy, sometimes a dating scan and medication on a folic acid. 
  • Start consuming Folic acid: Consuming 5ml of folic acid per day as it is the part of vitamin D complex group which helps in preventing birth defects especially neural tube defects in the baby.
  • Keep an eye on the medical conditions: During pregnancy, it’s important to manage chronic medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or thyroid issues, as they can affect the baby.
  • Quit smoking & drinking: There is no safe amount of alcohol or smoking during pregnancy. Alcohol consumption can result in fetal alcohol syndrome, leading to mental, physical, and behavioral problems in babies.
  • Limit the quantity of coffee: According to the research, scientists recommend only 200 ml of coffee per day. But remember that caffeine is present in health drinks, dark chocolates, small amounts in tea and green tea. 
  • Consume fiber rich foods: Many people experience constipation due to reduced intestinal motility caused by the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. To prevent this, it’s important to maintain physical activities such as walking, balance daily chores, incorporate fiber-rich foods into your diet, and stay hydrated.


  • No self-medication: Most medications during pregnancy are not safe so consulting a doctor is mandatory.
  • Do not clean pets’ litter: A serious condition called toxoplasmosis can be contracted from the feces of pets, particularly cats, and can lead to miscarriages. Avoid cleaning their litter, but if necessary, wear gloves.
  • Avoid uncooked animal protein: Avoid having food uncooked, specifically meat to prevent Salmonella and Listeria.
  • A big ‘NO’ to oily and spicy food: Morning sickness and evening sickness are common during pregnancy but continuous vomiting and inability to retain anything causing dehydration leads to ketosis, which may lead to admission to the hospital and getting IV fluids and intravenous anti-vomiting medicines. So, it is always healthy to avoid oily and spicy food.
  • Acne medications are not safe: Due to hormonal changes, skin changes are common during pregnancy. Some may experience acne, while others may have clear skin. It is unsafe to use skincare medications during pregnancy, so it’s important to consult a dermatologist.

In the first trimester, pregnancy can be uncomfortable and a little tricky. However, these tips can help you enjoy this special time. 

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