Best ways to manage hormonal changes during pregnancy

Best ways to manage hormonal changes during pregnancy

Once you have announced the good news, it is a challenge to understand body changes during pregnancy. While you are trying to make sense of the emotional and physical fluctuations as a mother-to-be, those hormones will create the maximum disruption. They will bring a ‘glow to the face’ or make you feel excited or craving for things at odd hours. Is there some way to manage them?

We have got it all covered for you as the best maternity & gynaecology hospital in Hyderabad. Lotus Hospital brings in its medical experts to help understand the hormonal changes during pregnancy, which are different from the chaos they create when puberty hits you.

Consider this as your maternal guide to be armed for all the crazy stuff that will happen as a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones that are activated

Pregnancy hormones that are activated

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Once the first trimester kicks in, the hormones can be good and bad. They create a cocktail of chemicals that may cause Nausea and vomiting blemish, bloating or fluid retention. But they are also responsible for softening the uterine lining for the baby’s development in the womb. Some hormones will initiate the production of breast milk, which helps in giving strength to the baby’s bones. The bad ‘ones’ may induce brain fog or make you cry or yell at the drop of a hat.

Managing hormonal changes in pregnancy

From the first trimester, the hormones start to support the body for the baby’s development. The Progesterone and Oestrogen levels rise, sand that’s when mood swings also appear. As the balance fluctuates, expectant mothers can follow these tips to remain calm.

  1. Eating the right foods.
  2. Staying hydrated to get the energy to move around.
  3. Resting at intervals but yet keeping the body moving.
  4. Socializing with other expectant mothers and exchanging notes.
  5. Meditating and remaining calm.
  6. Sleeping well and resting.
  7. Reading and watching positive content.

Some hormones will initiate the production of breast milk, which helps in giving strength to the baby’s bones

Pregnancy hormone balancing tips

The imbalance increases as the pregnancy progresses to its full term. When you exercise, there are fewer chances of getting affected by the changes in the body.

  1. Doing Yoga is ideal as there are no high-intensity asanas that will affect the baby in the womb. Pilates is also good, but eventually, do what is right for your body.
  2. Due to mood swings, the stress levels can be high. Breathing and meditation keep you in a good frame of mind. Indulge in other self-care activities that bring joy.
  3. Lower the intake of sweets and sugar in the diet. Having them in large quantities will lead to gestational diabetes. Check all food labels that have sugar in any form.
  4. Your gut health is important, as several expecting mothers go through constipation. Healthy fats like fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil and avocado are good. Fiber and probiotics are good for the gut.
  5. Eat a good breakfast to reduce the hormonal imbalance. While you are ‘eating for two’, it is also important to maintain the weight. 

As the pregnancy progresses, you will need to visit the doctor regularly. It is wise to choose a hospital dedicated to women’s and children’s medical issues which possesses all facilities and doctors. The best maternity & gynaecology hospital should be selected to handle the entire 9 months and beyond.

What matters while making a choice?

Of course, the doctor matters the most. But the choice should be made in advance. When you get into labor, the baby will be delivered by an expert who knows your pregnancy. The surrounding environment, too, will impact the birthing process. During those 9 months, there will be frequent trips to the hospital. So, choose carefully, as the greater the distance, the more challenging it will be to reach.

The right obstetrician helps you to handle hormonal levels with proper guidance and with experience will explain why understanding hormones is pivotal. They will also affect the baby’s development in different ways. You may have to undergo tests if it is dangerous to your or the baby’s health. As mentioned earlier, monitor your diet and stay active. Seek help if any symptoms are persistent.

Best obstetrics and gynaecology doctors

At Lotus Hospital, the best obstetrics and gynaecology doctors are available to get the best treatment options. They are adept in handling first-time mothers-to-be and those who have already delivered earlier. Ignoring any symptoms is fatal for the new baby. We are expecting you to be responsible and enjoy this important phase of life.

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