Pediatric Care Tips Every Parent Should Know

Pediatric Care Tips Every Parent Should Know

Pediatric Care Tips Every Parent Should Know

The primary caregivers must guide children to lead a well-rounded lifestyle, impacting their physical, mental, and emotional development. Balancing and maintaining health involves various factors that emphasize the importance of preventive care.

Bringing a habit from childhood can make their foundation stronger and healthier. It is evident that parenting isn’t an easy job so these tips help in bringing the best out of every child. 


Studies indicate that 13-year-old children should aim for 10 to 13 hours of sleep each night, as it plays a vital role in their behavior, patterns, and immune system. Establishing a consistent sleep routine can support the production of growth hormones.


Just like adults, children should also consume just enough calories to fuel their daily activities. Healthcare guidelines recommend that improving eating habits can reduce the risk of diseases, and help prevent overweight. 

  • Added sugars, solid fats and salt in junk food can affect their digestive system and must be limited from consumption. 
  • Having breakfast sparks their energy to begin their day. Some studies even suggested that not skipping breakfast may decrease the risk of being overweight.
  • Minimal use of salt, sugar and oil is the basic start for any child’s food style that can be carried throughout the lifetime. 
  • Understanding the importance of portions for the kids and choosing fruits and coloured vegetables for immunity boosting.



The most essential need for a human is water. It helps children maintain the child’s body temperature, supports body functionality, and enables them to engage in daily activities. Explain to them the importance of taking adequate water throughout the day and encourage them to drink 5-9 glasses. 


 It is always advisable to instill exercise habits in children by the age of 5. Occupy or encourage them with different activities that interest them in following them. 

  • Cycling, swimming, outdoor sports or any form of physical activity can set the stage for a lifetime of wellbeing. 
  • Parents/ guardians can be a role model for them. Their quality time practising the habit of exercise can interest them from imitating to learning and sticking with it.
  • Make things appear fun. Engage in activities by participating with them. 



Being physically active for at least two hours a day strengthens the bone muscles, and raises breathing and heart rate. But, due to the exposure to screen time, children of this generation are losing the essence of outdoor activities and balancing a healthy lifestyle. 

Screens emit lights that affect the child’s health in different ways. The emitted light can reduce the melatonin level which can lead to sleep deprivation. 


Vaccines administered during childhood are crucial for future health. These recommended vaccines, given according to age, are essential for preventing serious illnesses and diseases. It’s important to keep track of vaccine schedules to ensure overall wellness.

Similarly, regular check-ups and visits to pediatricians, including dental and eye care, are important for identifying and addressing health issues at an early stage.

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