Guide to select Maternity and Pregnancy Test Packages

Guide to select Maternity and Pregnancy Test Packages

With the joy of ‘good news’ comes a little trepidation following the initial pregnancy test result. Yes, your world will undergo more changes as you embark on the exciting journey to motherhood and beyond. The next series of medical reports on the foetal position will be equally impactful. Depending on your age and condition, complicated medical issues need to be eliminated. Your priority list will be focused on maternity and pregnancy test packages to rule out medical and financial problems.

Maternity and pregnancy check-up packages

This short informative post will guide you through those nine months and after. Lotus Hospitals offers an extensive range of maternity and pregnancy check-up packages for expectant mothers. Avail of discounts, tests and childbirth services for smooth delivery.

Takeaways to support your decision:

  • 1. Understanding childbirth delivery packages
  • 2. Consultations with experts
  • 3. Criteria for the right maternity hospital
  • 4. Opting for reliable pregnancy test packages
  • 5. Availability of trained nursing team

Understanding childbirth delivery packages

Today’s woman is sharp and is organised with a checklist up to the birth of the baby. She is likely to choose the best maternity & delivery hospital that will give a good package deal. In broader terms, a ‘package’ consists of stay, delivery, medical tests, and extra sessions for prenatal and postnatal care. Prenatal care and childbirth require complete attention, whether it is your first or second delivery. Other essentials consist of nutrition, counselling and breastfeeding, which involve complete pregnancy test packages.

Prenatal care and childbirth

Not all packages are the same. You may wish to enjoy specific services. Obviously, there are questions in mind. Most patients will relate to the following:

  1. Budget limitations
  2. Dietary needs
  3. Suites for birthing
  4. Therapist or consultant for a difficult birth
  5. Extra amenities in the room
  6. Specific requirement like genetic testing

Lotus Hospital in Hyderabad and Vizag allows you to tour the ward. Understand the entire process before opting for a specific package deal. Once the booking is made, you can add other services as the pregnancy progresses.

Choosing the right maternity hospital

A well-reputed hospital gives confidence to an expectant mother. To choose the one that will meet your budget and other medical requirements, the main factors are:

  1. The success rate for high-risk deliveries, healthy babies or prematurely born babies.
  2. Proximity from your home or workplace.
  3. Quick access to medical emergencies with ambulance and OPD support.
  4. Experienced gynaecologists and obstetrics.
  5. Quality of care provided by nurses and medical staff.
  6. Technology and advanced equipment for tests and scans.
  7. Optimal birthing experience with assistance.
  8. A complete guide to pregnancy tests.

These are the few factors which make us the best maternity & delivery hospital for women in Hyderabad, Kukatpally and Vizag.

Reliable pregnancy test packages

We have a full-fledged laboratory where tests are conducted for pregnant women, infants and children. Once you are in the family way, the reliability of all tests is critical. When you opt for regular maternity and pregnancy checkup packages, you can expect:

  1. Equipment like Doppler scans to detect the growth of the baby and its position.
  2. Hygienic testing facilities by trained lab technicians.
  3. Accurate medical reports.
  4. Review for infertility causes.
  5. PCOD profile testing.
  6. CBC, glucose tolerance, FSH, urine analysis.

The gynaecologist you choose will guide you to consider specific testing packages. In one entire cost, get all the important services.

For Membership Card,

When you and your partner are preparing for the baby’s arrival into your lives there are several requirements. After hospital admission, you will require additional care from professional nurses for delivery. The package deal consists of support from our trained teams in the gynaecological wards like:

  1. Labour and birthing preparations to deal with discomfort.
  2. Yoga sessions to ease pain and relax.
  3. An individual diet chart to eliminate the iron deficiency.
  4. Nutritional advice on eating and avoiding gestational diabetes.
  5. Check unnecessary complications for normal delivery.
  6. Assistance for natural birthing and C-section.
  7. Ambulance services for sudden labour contractions.

Consultations with experts

Receiving medical advice from gynaecologists is a continuous process until the baby arrives. Our maternity and pregnancy checkup packages comprise consultations for:

  1. Lactation and breastfeeding.
  2. Paediatrics information after childbirth.
  3. Internal Medicine.
  4. Dealing with complications of premature birth.
  5. NICU facilities with trained nurses for neonatal care.

Our medical team believes that with ‘great power comes great responsibilities.’ The support extended by them is like you are delivering the baby at home. But remember all this comes as an organised package and booking is beneficial.

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