Deals with the medical and surgical management of the diseases of the urinary tract system and the reproductive system in both males and females. The specialty also deals with pelvic floor restoration.

A Urologist is usually a Surgeon with a super-specialization in Urology. S/He is trained in minimally invasive (laparoscopic) procedures, open surgeries, Laser-assisted surgeries, robotic surgeries, etc. The specialty employs fibre-optic endoscopes, real-time ultrasound guidance, CT-assisted guidance, Fluoroscopy-assisted guidance, and other advanced techniques. The specialty manages tumours of benign and malignant types too.
Pediatric Urology deals with problems like undescended testes, underdeveloped genitalia, congenital abnormalities of genitourinary tract, delayed puberty, etc..
Female Urology deals with problems like overactive bladder, pelvic floor problems, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, etc.
Andrology, a sub-specialty of Urology, deals with the male genito-urinary system, male infertility, surgical solutions for male sexual health, etc.

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