Dr. Mahati Sudhakar

Dr. Mahati Sudhakar

Consultant Gynecologist & Laproscopic Surgeon

Dr. Mahati Sudhakar is a distinguished Gynecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon, and Fertility Specialist serving at Lotus Hospital in Visakhapatnam.

Trained extensively in Minimal Access Surgery and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) at Paul’s Hospital Kochi, she brings unparalleled expertise to her practice.

Dr. Mahati specializes in complex Gynec Ultrasound scans, adeptly performing tasks such as myoma mapping and 3D folliculometry, ensuring precise diagnosis and treatment planning. With over 1000 Laparoscopic Surgeries under her belt, including intricate procedures like myomectomies and Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, she demonstrates exceptional skill and proficiency.

Dr. Mahati specializes in managing both normal and high-risk pregnancies, offering comprehensive care to ensure the well-being of both mother and child.

Known for her ethical, evidence-based approach and compassionate patient care, Dr. Mahati stands as a beacon of professionalism, always prioritizing the well-being and needs of her patients above all else.

Distinguished Gynecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon, and Fertility Specialist
Gynecology, Laparoscopic

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